Assistant Bridge and Tunnel Maintainer
Assistant Bridge and Tunnel Maintainer

Assistant Bridge and Tunnel Maintainer

Passbooks Study Guide

Career Examination Series


160 Pages, x

Formats: Spiral

Spiral, $39.95 (US $39.95) (CA $53.95)

Publication Date: January 2012

ISBN 9780837300276

Price: $39.95


The Assistant Bridge and Tunnel Maintainer Passbook® prepares you for your test by allowing you to take practice exams in the subjects you need to study. It provides hundreds of questions and answers in the areas that will likely be covered on your upcoming exam, including but not limited to: maintenance work such as cleaning, greasing, painting, etc.; structure maintenance and repair work involving plumbing, heating, carpentry, masonry work, etc.; safe work practices and precautions involving scaffolds, ladders, electrical equipment, machinery etc.; use of hand tools, machine shop practices, and simple arithmetic related to shop work; elementary knowledge of electrical equipment and materials and their repair elementary knowledge of automotive vehicle maintenance, and proper operation of same; basic knowledge of materials used in maintenance work, such as piping, sheet metal, paints, paving materials, masonry materials, automotive parts, etc.; ability to read and interpret instructions; and other related areas.